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Blah Games: Your Vaporware Specialists!

We specialize in games and products that don't exist...but should. Whether you call them video game parodies, fake games, or jokes, we hope you enjoy them. Check back in the future for more great products!

Amiibo Placebo Cards parody.
Why waste hours playing Animal Crossing when you can scan a card and be done with it? Unlock PWPs, instantly expand your house, or even complete your museum with Amiibo Placebo Cards!

Animal Chopping: New Beef - Animal Crossing parody game
Want a cutesy life simulation, a hunting game, and a cooking game all in one? You need to take a taste of Animal Chopping: New Beef!

The Legend of Gaga parody game
What if Lady Gaga got dragged into the world of Zelda? Find out in The Legend of Gaga!

Star Flush 64 parody game
Don't let Andross Handwash dump all over the universe! Help Flush McClog wipe out the dark forces in Star Flush 64!

Friday: Wii Wii So Excited parody game
What if Rebecca Black's incredible song "Friday" was turned into an equally incredible video game? Check out Friday: Wii Wii So Excited!

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