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Animal Chopping: New Beef. 57 Varieties of animals! An A-1 Game!

Animal Chopping: New Beef

In Animal Chopping: New Beef, you play as a human just moving into a town populated with animals. Even though you're new, you are expected to fix up the town and cut down excess trees. So the animals will think nothing of it when you buy axes from the store every day. But one by one, they'll find out what's for dinner.

Your character is secretly a butcher, and that's no bull. Each town will have a variety of tasty species. Your job is to turn them into ground Chuck, beef Stu, or a hamburger Patty. By the time they find out their Goose is cooked, it'll be too late.

If you can successfully cook and digest all of your villagers in 30 days, you'll get to participate in a reality show called Belle's Kitchen. There, you'll be competing against celebrities such as Queen Labifah and Hugh Heifer. There's also a beefy online mode that grills you with cooking trivia. Take a look at all these dishes you can create!

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