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Lady Gaga has entered the world of Zelda in this new crossover game, The Legend of Gaga.

You play as Link, and you must recover the powerful pink triangles known as the Biforce. Instead of having help from Navi or Fi, you will have Fairy Gaga to guide you.

Tingle: Wow, and I thought *I* was the weirdest fairy in Hyrule.

Many items you find look useless, but they may come in handy when night falls. So grab everything you can, even sticks and berries.

You got a disco stick!

Some of the villages are ran by the all-female Gerudo tribe, who will not let any males into town (not even Link). So to gain access, you must find a certain doctor in The Lost Woods to have an operation.

Transform this way. -->

During your quest, you'll receive a broken musical instrument with no strings. In each dungeon, you'll acquire one of seven strings, one for each musical note: The A-string, the B-string, and so on. Once you collect the G-string, your instrument will be complete and you can perform the Thong of Time. When you do, a path will form between two mountains, leading you to the final dungeon in the dark world. Beat Ga-Ga-Ganon and baby, you'll be famous.

Fairy Gaga: Sorry I cannot heal you, I'm kinda busy.

The Legend of Gaga is available now for 1,000,000 rupees at Impa Tent, or at a blue potion shop near you.

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